The Easiest Customer Management Tool LeadStep CRM

Leadstep CRM is created with most precison and keeing in mind the brain of how sales people think, work & needs.
So it will helpful for your any business to manage leads & eventually generate sales.

Leadstep Features

Choose innovation to manage & convert your leads

Guaranteed to The save you time, increase the accuracy of your inventory, and help to you make informed decisions for your The business

Custom Fields Setup

Lead step has Custom Fields extension to let you add/create custom fields so you can use it in your lead content as per required

Follow Ups and Emails

Lead Step have no criteria for inserting your data, you can insert and save your informative data very easily without interruption

Manage Lead Status

You can manage all your lead status accordingly, it is user friendly to manage the leads free handaly and smoothly

Lead Records & History

Lead step secure all the lead records and history to avoid the mismanage of your organization

A Perfect CRM that suites every Industry.

One of the best web based software which makes your work easier and quicker



Setup Leadstep as per your industry requirement

Leads step provides the easier way to setup your industry requirement like You can customize required fields, you can set the all required Step as you want.



Add your working team and collaborate the work

Add/Create your working associate team and make your organization faster as jet, make your industry/organization peper free with your team in leads step.



Add Leads manage & assign, make note & followups

Lead Step easier to manage the leads and assign them to your working team to make a follow up so that you can get all customers requirements.



Get Reminders on Followup Schedule & Close the deal

You can get reminders on followup to schedules meeting on its own calendar, just on two click you can connect with our leads and schedule the meeting.



Analyse Reports easily report the conversions

Lead step provides you the analyzed report with lead status to make a good conversation with those, you can get report with all won or loss status with shows the specific result .

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Offer your business with the best assistance for growth.